bullet-or-the-chapstick whispered: To the anon that keeps messaging you Why don't you get a life and leave people alone. Stop being a pussy and get off anon. Stay on your own blog and don't open your mouth unless you have something nice to say.

Thank you.

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romantic couple
Anonymous whispered: i see right through you with the way you have handled my question

You didn’t answer my first question, so I’m going to say unless you have proof of this then you are just assuming things. But seriously, just fuck off already because it’s not even funny and it never was.

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Anonymous whispered: oh boo, let me play a sad song for ya on the worlds smallest violin

Seriously? Whatever I’m done, the coward can’t even show them self so you really have nothing on me and I could really care less about someone who can’t even let people know who you are. I’ve dealt with enough shit I don’t need yours on top of it

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Anonymous whispered: stop playing, I'll take that as a no then

Who even are you and why do you care about my life? Nobody else does. Nothing is going on anyways sooo…

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Anonymous whispered: do you think he likes you back

Where are you getting the information from? Please give it to me cause apparently I’m clueless!

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Anonymous whispered: it's pretty obvious you have a crush on someone on tumblr just saying

Oh yeah?.. And what makes you think that, eh?

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